I've been asking for contributors to the programme to write about other experiences of intersectionality and feminism, and I still need 1-5 more. Just for a bit more detail, here's a brief I sent to someone earlier - could you do it? Email me if you want to include something.

Basically what I'm looking for is other people's stories/experiences/feelings/ideas surrounding intersectionality (or lack of it) in feminism in order to provide people attending the conference with other voices about the subject rather than just the speakers'. 

So - why is intersectionality important? Do you think feminism needs to up it's game when it comes to issues of kyriarchy rather than just focusing on patriarchy? How could feminist spaces improve? Have you any personal experiences you could share to illustrate your ideas? etc.

Try stick to a maximum of 800 words - I need it to fit on one side of A5 when it's printed. 

There's a couple more things to ask - I can sell up to 8 more 1/2 page adverts in the programme (£10), so if you'd like one, let me know. I also have two donated advert spaces going, which I'd like to give to charities (preferably with a message in keeping with the conference and preferably near Bristol), if you have any suggestions holler - I've already emailed Bristol Rape Crisis and One25 to offer it to them. 

If anyone planning on attending the conference is visually impaired could you let me know so I can try to sort out a programme for you in an alternative format (large print?)?

I've had a couple of volunteers to do some time on the door, but any more would be a real help. Also, I have had one wonderful volunteer to translate some of the conference into BSL (which one attendee requires), but I need at least one more to be able to provide it for even a short time - preferably around 5 more, so we can cover more of the time. Do you know anyone who'd be up for the job? 

And FINALLY FINALLY if you haven't bought a ticket yet, please do so now - it's only 22 days away! *panic face*